About Us

Sick of bro-science myths and weak programming? Look no further, we’ve got evidence-based training plus dadbod-to-shredded gospel. Wheymen.

The Story of Our Founder

Our founder grew up in a small town where he was constantly challenged to take on tasks beyond his abilities by his grandfather. This helped build his strength and determination from a young age. Faced with obstacles as a child, he developed a drive to never remain stagnant and to constantly improve himself physically, mentally, and psychologically.

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Struggling with his weight as a child, he dedicated himself to becoming more active and developing a stronger physique. Throughout his life, he hated being described as “average” and used this as motivation to push past limitations. After completing his military service, he felt he needed new challenges to continue growing.

This inspired him to create Alpha Male FTS, a site focused on helping others transform themselves. Our approach focuses on developing the right mindset, through strength training, nutrition, and continuous learning. We aim to take people from feeling “average” to feeling like an “Alpha Male” or “Alpha Female” – strong, confident, and mature individuals dedicated to self-improvement.

We are the premier online resource for developing an “Alpha” mentality through training the body and mind. Our content provides the tools and guidance needed to reverse societal trends and foster true leadership qualities in men and women. You won’t find superficial discussions about appearance but rather practical strategies for gaining strength, knowledge, and an unwavering drive to excel.

Who Are We For?

Both men and women can benefit from our programs. While specific topics may differ, our content celebrates core attributes shared by all high-achieving individuals – confidence, resilience, discipline and a desire for constant progress. Here you will find the inspiration and guidance to reach your fullest potential.

Our goal

Our singular goal is to help you transform from the average to the exceptional through an integrated approach to personal development.Dedication from everyone involved to reverse the feminization of and move beyond superficialities. Members get access to the strategies, plans and mindset needed to optimize their growth.

The Swole Council

Behind every Gains-Fueled Empire lies a Swole Council of Master Bros who ensure the whey is properly distributed to the masses. Ours is no different. Meet the barbell-wielding sages leading the charge:

  • Broseidon, God of the Seas (and Bi’s): As chief visionary and founder and CEO-bro, he swam the English Channel just to prove whey protein doesn’t cause bloating. When he’s not repping out calisthenics, you’ll find him surfing or helping old ladies bench press.
  • Coach Khabibrock: A former UFC champ and wrestling god, he now impart wisdom about smeshing goals and dominating life. His specialty? Revolutionary beatdown circuits guaranteed to have you begging for mercy.
  • Dr. Brofessor, PhDBro: As head of anabolic research & development, he’s conducted more studies than the FDA. His infamous “Brotein Experiment” has transformed thousands of lives and possibly violated a few ethics protocols.
  • Chef Broodini: A mastermind in both kitchen andCompound Exercises, he believes diet is just as important as the swole. His carb-cycling recipes are what dreams are made of.
  • BROmander Data: As CTO, he keeps our apps, websites, and warehouse robots in tip top condition. Some say he’s part machine himself since he’s never missed a shoulder day.

Sound like your kind of crew? Then join the masses, grab a weight Belt, and prepare for total physique enlightenment, brociples. Wheymen.